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fedoranger suit design finalsthe FeminaziWhite Knight design final


it’s probably going to take me all month to finish this comic of Brett’s so in the meantime have a handful of design work and my favorite drawing of the antagonist thus far as proof that I’m alive and working

appreciate my blood and tears over a singular joke

A Priestess Spilling Cups cover draftAnathema FedoRangers


I’ve been spending a lot of time working on some side projects! At least three different short comics: one that Brett actually wrote (Fedorangers), and a newer one that I’m working to finish before I start on Electric Blue. They’ve been taking up a lot of my time! Mostly because I’m determined to get them done and going.

But I’ve spent so much time on them that it seems unfair not to share some of what I’ve done already.

I’m just super eager to share, I’m so excited for all this stuff I can hardly wait….