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Hey guys, aVoid updated today! You can see the new page right HERE

and if you haven’t read it yet- or want something to do- you can start from the very beginning HERE.

There’s also a Patreon page to help support me making the comic, for exactly 1$ a week for every on-time update (that’s 4$ a month) you can get really cool stuff like pages a day early, access to information and doodles about my comic that I don’t mention on tumblr, or excuses why I wasn’t able to get the page done that week! Sometimes I’ll even cry, that’s free but I thought I would mention it anyway.


google hangin with some buds n drew the KRILL LA FRILL


Been playin a lot of pokemon because I don’t have my New Leaf game and I want to evolve my trapinch and live out my FLYGON DREAMS

XY is the only game where my trainersona is actually a trainer and not a coordinator, though that doesn’t mean she’s good at it.