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and also losin myself in steven universe lately don’t send help i’m happy here



Full Metal Alchemist - Tobira no Mukou e

Track art by banavalope! Check out their new comic “Fedoranger”!

Thanks again for helpin me out on such short notice, bana!

Not long ago i binge watched FMA:B and it was pretty good. This is from the first series but I like it a lot. You can download it for free here, but consider droppin me a dollar or two anyway!


Hey!! I also did this for my talented friend James recently, too!

You should check out all of his music, he’s super talented and incredible and likes showers where the water is money.

yo so if someone or a group of someones were maybe planning to cosplay fedorangers + rejectress would that be cool? would some modifications to rejectress' design, assuming our cosplayer might not want to show off too much skin at a con also be cool??

A question by Anonymous


Yes!! Please, that would be so awesome! And take so many pictures!

here i will even help you with a modification of her design, this was one of Rejectress’ protos before her skimpier design (she’s a heavy nod to marushina from akibaranger). She had floofy military-like pants!


It’s finally done, the complete version of Nice Guy Sentai: FedoRanger, a collaboration parody comic I did with my good pal Brett (he wrote the whole thing, because he is the Comedy Joke KingGod) based around a singular joke between us and our friends.

You can see the rest of our blood, sweat, and tears in visual form here under the cut, or over here, too.

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